MoFi Overhead Line Systems

The cost-effective, individually adjustable overhead line system from Modellbau Fink

We love what we do

And that is the reason why quality, flexibility and our customer’s happiness is the most important for us. Our materials were chosen with special attention to quality, stability and weather resistance. Every single piece of our overhead line system is hand-made and in this way we can satisfy your individual needs.

Product Description

The overhead line masts offered by MoFi are designed after the overhead line systems of the German, Austrian and Swiss Rail.


The crossbeams of the overhead line masts are height-adjustable and can be used for G gauge (LGB, Piko,...) as well as for I gauge (Märklin) and II gauge ( . The masts are made of weatherproof ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylic-Ester) so they are perfectly suitable for outdoor constructions. The brazen crossbeams are weather-resistant as well.


The overhead lines conduct electricity so that in analogous model railway systems it is possible to run two trains (with one electric loco). Regardless of the routing, you can apply the overhead lines to your individual model railway since the contact wire brackets are movable. Furthermore it is easy to arrange the overhead wires in a zigzag course so that your garden model looks even more realistic.


The mast holders are installed and fastened under the racks. The mast holders can be attached to the rails in various distances, so that long wagons do not collide with the masts in sharp curves.


The overhead wires have small hooks at each end so they can easily be connected to the holders.


The overhead masts as well as the wires are hand-made.

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